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Curso: Bioarchitecture

Curso: Building with earth


TIBÁ - Intuitive Technology and Bio-Architecture

TIBÁ México

The Bioarchitecture Revolution in Mexico has begun... It has been over 400 thousand adobes and 800 cascajes made on site of the IMAGINA Cultural and Ecological Center in Leon, Guanajuato.... Now the next steps are the grass roofs, the rebar banisters, the red brick domes and the bamboo arcade. The men behind this wonder of ecological building, the Bioarchitect Peter Van Lengen and Construction Master Francisco Ortiz believe that they are on the right track.

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Tibá is a place of encounter, created in 1987 by Rose and Johan van Lengen to impart a deeper awareness of how we perceive our environment.

Through the integration of art and science, intuition and logic, reason and feeling, communication will be enriched. Each individual is given a possibility to share his own experience, which then becomes a part of a true collective, using group communication and creativity.

In conjunction with its various programs in housing, sanitation, communication and education, TIBÁ provides consultation in eco-techniques. Our staff also maintains exchanges with other experts, institutions and groups dedicated towards similar goals, within Brazil as well as in many other parts of the world.

TIBÁ has developed a number of ways to improve housing and ways of transferring this knowledge to those who stand to benefit by it. This is done in the form of workshops, all supported by a program producing didactic materials such as posters, games, bulletins, manuals and books.

Our team is available to give courses and workshops abroad; we have given seminars throughout Latin America, Europe, and India. In addition the center is open to receive other groups who are looking for a beautiful and inspiring place to run their own workshops or gatherings.

TIBÁ's buildings surround a charming cobblestone square set within the Mata Atlântica (coastal jungle) with waterfalls, large ponds, orchards and gardens. There are many trails to explore throughout this tropical forest where one can observe the many birds and other animals,

In Tupi, an indigenous language in Brazil, tibá means :


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